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學校介紹 課程介紹

Programs as specified below:   

Number of scholarships and relative amount 

-30 scholarships of 4.000 Euro for Master programs 1-year held in Italian with simultaneous translation in English, distributed as follows:

12 for Master program in Fashion Design 

08 for Master program in Graphic Design

10 for Master program in Interior Design                  

-30 Scholarships for Intensive programs 1-year held in Italian with simultaneous translation in English, distributed as follows:

12 for Intensive program in Fashion Design

08 for Intensive program in Graphic Design

10 for Intensive program in Interior Design

Request of scholarship

Applicants must send all together the following to within the    

//30th of September 2011 (for the November 2011 intake), 

//30th of November 2011 (for the January 2012 intake)

//30th of January 2012 (for the March 2012 intake)

a)    a copy of scholarship request form duly filled in and signed

b)    curriculum vitae

c)    portfolio containing a selection of student’s works

d)    copy of passport

e)    - for Master programs a copy of student’s Bachelor Degree or copy of student’s post- secondary level Diploma - for Intensive program a copy of High-school diploma    


  • Can apply for scholarships the students not yet graduated if they will graduate at least 40 days before the start of the course

  • Master programs are open also to students not holding a Bachelor’s Degree, if they have a significant working experience near the area of interest.

Evaluation Process     

The Evaluation Committee will consider the following criteria in evaluating the applicants: study performance, curriculum attesting possible relevant experiences either in terms of education or working activities, letter of motivation.

Evaluation Outcome

ISTITUTO SUPERIORE DI DESIGN within a month from receiving the application, the outcome of the evaluation will communicate via e-mail to the applicants who have been granted a scholarship and will send the enrolment application form. 

Deadlines for scholarship acceptance

All scholarship recipients, within a month from the communication must send an acceptance letter with the enrolment application form duly filled in and signed to and will pay the Enrolment fee of 2.000 Euro, otherwise the student will lose the right of being entitled to the scholarship.



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