Jupti Berlian Ester, 17, from Indonesia came to Hawthorn to take the first step in her planned study pathway which she hopes will lead her to a degree program at the University of Melbourne.

After completing senior high school in Indonesia Jupti decided to pursue her studies in an English speaking country and was attracted to Melbourne by the strong reputation of the University of Melbourne.

"I have chosen the University of Melbourne because it has been proven to have a good reputation and its graduates are known to have high success in finding employment" Jupti said.

her desire to eventually enter the Bachelor of Commerce degree program at Melbourne prompted Jupti to apply for the Foundation Studies program operated by Trinity college.  A Trinity College staff member, who recommended She complete an English program before the Foundation Studies program, introduced Jupti to Hawthorn's English language programs.

Jupti has so far been successful in achieving her study goals.  She completed Hawthorn's English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program.

"I like the way my teachers have structured my course, " Jupti says of her experience in the EAP class.

"I can understand my teachers well in the way they present the lessons.  In the class room we are occupied with many varied activities and we are given lots of different homework tasks that have all helped to increase my proficiency and knowledge of English." 

Jupti was delighted to receive confirmation that she has been accepted into the Trinity College Foundation Studies Program, where she will complete a one-year program preparing for entry into a degree program.  If she is successful, Jupti will have completed her entire study pathway of English Language, Foundation Studies and Bachelor Degree all in the same city, a pathway that Jupti recommends to other students.

"I would recommend to students that if they plan to go to the University of Melbourne that they take some English courses first.  It's a good idea to take your English courses in the same city where you plan to study.  I will be able to continue my studies from English to Foundation Studies and onto University all in the same city."


Source: The Newsletter of The University of Melbourne's
English Language Centre at Hawthorn

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