by Amke Treyde
'My name is Amke and I'm from Germany'
This is how my conversation with strangers always started on that first day of New Zealand school.  I'm sure I said this sentence about ten times at least that day, and I probably kept saying it, because there was always a nice inviting reply such as 'oh cool' for how long are you gonna be here?

School in New Zealand surely is different from school in Germany.  I'm slowly realising I have got to start studying soon to catch up with the German lessons after on year kind of a break.  Bring able to choose between subjects is the best thing about the New Zealand school system I guess.  It makes things so much easier not to have to take all these subjects you know you're not good at anyway.  In Germany you don't have such a big choice, especially because not that many subjects are offered.  We have science subjects such as chemistry, biology and physics, languages such as German, English, French and Latin, maths, history, geography, music, art (only painting) and PE.  You have to take all of them at least until year 10, which is comparable to year 12 in New Zealand.  It makes things harder, but in some points it is good, because you get a bigger general knowledge.  Even though I still think there is a huge lack of subjects, that are not even talked about in German schools such as Drama, Media Studies, Legal Studies, HTC, Photography and a lot more.  I guess I took advantage of these subjects in New Zealand because I have not taken any subject I could have taken in Germany, except English.  But that is the reason why I went to New Zealand, to experience something new and I'm very glad I did this.

Some people asked me why I 'wasted' this one year, but I know I didn't waste anything.  I learned more this year than I will ever learn again in just one year, I met more people than I met the ten years before I went, I experienced things I would have never experienced at home, and I have memories I will never forget.  That is not a waste and I want to thank everyone who was part of this great experience.  Thank you.


Source: Cambridge High School

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