at the end of his rope
be in the swing of things
be snowed under
blood bath
blood brothers
chill out
Christmas carol
don't cry over spilt milk
don't pick on me 
end run
end up
for the gold
give me a hand
hand it over
in full swing
in his/her blood 
in your hands
I'm just looking! 
lighten up
little by little
kick back
Look out! 
Look what the cat dragged in!
Look who's here!
make ends meet
make your blood run cold 
No news is good news
One-armed bandit
one day at a time
One-track mind
pass the torch
perfect 10
pick of the litter
rolling admissions
rush hour
snowball's chance in hell
spill over
spill the beans
take it easy
That's news to me
traditional education
voice of reason
Watch your step! 
Watch out! 
Watch what you eat! 
Watch your language!
White Christmas
with one voice