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A. Upper Frontpage 120 °— 60 within 10K USD$ 200/wk  Rotation Banner 
B. Upper Frontpage 100 °— 30 within 5K USD$ 300/mth 
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C. Frontpage Text link Up to 20 character Up to 20 character USD$ 200/mth  Fixed
D.   Bottom Frontpage 600 °— 60 within 15K USD$ 300/wk Rotation button with Newsletter

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     °GChinatrust Commercial Bank
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°G5F, No. 17, Sec. 1, Cheng De Road,  
                           Taipei City 103, TAIWAN
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°GTaida International Education Services
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Taida International Education Services

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  1. VAT of 5 % is included.

  2. Limit banners to the standards above.

  3. Banner design is at US$ 65.

  4. Homepage design available at cost. Contact info@edu-fair.com for details.

  5. Ad icon will be hyperlink to your site directly. A free place, up to 15KB, for detailed information may be provided if necessary.

  6. Ad is measured by month(s) or week(s) as a period of time.

  7. The payment of the ad is payable by advertisers.

  8. All fees are tax included.

  9. Ad will be uploaded according to the agreement and cannot be postponed without our agreement.

  10. After ad is uploaded, your will not be able to cancelled your ad without our agreement.

  11. Please make sure that your images are sent to us three days before the start day of ad.  If you want us to design the ad for you, please provide us the draft, pictures and sample.  The design fee is payable by advertisers.

  12. Images should be in GIF or JPG mode and within 15K.