Sara Q27 我想到澳洲讀室內設計...
費用, 那區學費最平,而且最底要求條件如何?


arrow.gif (199 bytes) ^_^ Re: In replying to your query, you may click on the relevant information
provided in the front page of this site. Following are the institutions that
offer the requested programs:

Curtin (WA), Griffith(QLD), Monash (VIC), NTU (NT), QUT (QLD),
RMIT(VIC), Swinburne(VIC), U-SA (SA), UTS (NSW).

In addition, there are also a number of TAFE/College, such as Billy
Blue in Sydney, offerring Interior Design programs.

As regard to the cheapest rates, I would say the tuition fees
are basically similar amount the Australian universities but the living
costs in Sydney is normally 10~20% higher than the other Australian

As to the minimum university entry requirements, high school
completion certificate with ave.' C' grade and IELTS 6 (TOEFL 550)
are essential. Don't forget that many TAFE and private college courses
are easier