chloe   Q209  瑞士酒店管理...
我想知SHMS(Swiss Hotel Management School)是否一所好的酒店
學校? 若果不過的話,又有沒有其介紹??


arrow.gif (199 bytes) Carole Re:   I'm going to Switzerland to study hotel management next year,but I
must tell you it's expensive to study there. If you need more
information, please go to this site

You'll find lots of useful imformation here. According to my
knowledge, Trade Office Of Swiss Industries(瑞士商務辦事處)
will hold a school fair next year, you can also find more details on
this page.

If you need my help or my advice,you can e-mail me at However,I can't check my e-mail box
often. I suggest you that you call the TOSI and ask people who work
there to offer you some information. Good luck!