Kitty Cat    Q157  國際學生可以在加拿大打工嗎?
國際學生在加拿大唸書可合法打工嗎? Thanks!^_^


arrow.gif (199 bytes) Nancy Re:   可以!不過要先申請工作許可才行:

下列是加拿大移民局的資料 -
Working in Canada

Foreign students may be allowed to work while attending school.
But jobs may be difficult to find in Canada, so you should not
count on getting one.

You may be allowed to work if you meet one of the following

- you want to work as a graduate assistant;
- your employment is part of a course of study, such as a work
   term during the year, as in cooperative programs;
- you want to work on campus; or
- you want to work after graduation in a study-related job for up to
  one year.

Your spouse may also be allowed to apply for an employment
authorization. A CIC official can give you details on working in
Canada as a foreign student.

If you work without an employment authorization, you may be in
violation of the Immigration Act, and you may be required to
leave Canada.