Student  Q151  澳洲哪些學校開設有烹飪課程呢?
I'm looking some information about the cooking school in Australia.
Do you have any suggest web-site or school to me? I can not find
out any relavent information about the extra course for yours web-

Looking for your reply and thanks for yours help!


arrow.gif (199 bytes) Nancy Re:   Many schools, especially vocational schools and TAFE in
Australia, offer Cookery programs. But this kind of program
usually is included in Hospitality programs.  As a result,
you may find schools that provide Hospitality programs. 

Foryour reference, Wide Bay Insitute of TAFE offers what you want.

Certificate II in Hospitality (Commercial Cookery)
Certificate II in Hospitality (Operations) -
(Food and Beverage)

Suggest you to go visit the website of Wide Bay Institute
of TAFE:


arrow.gif (199 bytes) 牛博士 Re:   There is a cooking school, called "LE CORDON BLEU ECOLE DE
CUISINE PARIS", affiliated culinary program within the
ICHM - Swiss Hotel Association Diploma Course at Regency
Institute of TAFE in South Australia.

Le Cordon Bleu cooking school has the official charter for
preserving and passing on the understanding and mastery of
French gastronomy as a living art.

Students from more than 50 countries are accepted into Le
Cordon Bleu schools in Paris, London and Tokyo each year.

For further information, you may contact:
Regency Hotel School
Days Road, Regency Park, S.A. 5010, Australia
Phone 61-8-348 4425.

I hope the above answers your query.