Sandy Q14 如何準備IELTS?


arrow.gif (199 bytes) Karen Re: 我想也別無它法,就只有多練習了! 至於作文方面,我覺得妳倒
是可以多練習, 要注意的是中文與英文的文章結構非常不一樣,
英文作文必須主題分明,必須有introduction, body, conclusion。Body
中的每一個paragraph 都最好只闡述一個main idea,因此英文作文
物」「To the Point」! 其他Listening等測驗就多練習而已... 希望妳


arrow.gif (199 bytes) HungSheng Re: Fisrtly, I think that writting and reading is not big problem. For the
listening, you have to listen tape which is about IELTS frequently.
About speaking, it is like gossip. Wriiting , you have to notice
chart Like compare with something.... And task 2 is about eassy....


arrow.gif (199 bytes) Christina Re: Dear Friend, IELTS has been introducing to Taiwan for few years
only and, Taiwanese students are still quite unfamiliar with it.
Generally speaking, there is no best way to prepare the IELTS test.
I would say that higher IELTS scores might only be obtained by
your well-trained English proficiency. Of course, familiarizing the
IELTS test form is essential. If you really hope to find some ways
to increase your IELTS scores, I would suggest to have some
foreigners to talk with all the time as this would improve your
Listening and Speaking skills. As to the Reading and Writing
sections, no better way but only your English background. God
blesses you.