hei-mingLu Q118 加州San Jose附近有哪些學校?
我想要在七月初到美國加州遊學, 因為我的表哥住在San Jose, 他要我
找這附近的學校。 不知道各位前輩有否在這地方的語言中心,


arrow.gif (199 bytes) Nobody Re:   There is a summer camp for teenagers in the region you requested.
Features of this Program include: Enrichment, advancement, English
as a second language, art/fine arts, computer instruction programs
offered; session focuses on English language program, sports camp,
and academic courses; held on campus; accepts boys and girls;
open to students from other schools. 200 students usually enrolled.
Application deadline: none. If you are at the suitable age, you may
contact for detailed information.

e-mail: sondra_vandermeer@athenian.org